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Updating Zmans DMX Primer


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I am presenting my DMX material at the Chicagoland Mini, and have the possibility of also doing it (again) at our Mini here in WA. So I am in the process of revamping my material.

I have a very good start on the update. Included in that update is a deeper dive into Base Addressing, and then I tie it together in the LOR section as I explain mapping the sequence channel, to the Base Address of the fixtures and show the mapping of controllers in the Hardware Editor. This attempts to clear up that area of confusion. I have also cleaned up areas that needed to be cleaned up, and added some emphasis to hopefully assist with the overall flow.

Already the 2010 Primer is better IMHO. My question to you all. What would help you understand DMX better. What could I add to my material that would help the newbie looking at DMX.

I am looking for any input that would help. Thanks.

PS the original material is on my site in the How-To section

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Hi Mark

did that spreadsheet do you any good.

it is set to change values as you change the start address

if you are looking for something specific

let me know

Frank A.:D

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