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DMX Help For Someone Who....

Roger Leon Forbes

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Sure this has been ask before but here goes again:

I would like to find information on adding DMX to my display, know nothing about adding DMX. What controller is best and easyest to use?

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You will need the iDMX1000 from Light-O-Rama to control your DMX fixtures.

DMX can be kinda confusing at first, but after you get the hang of it it's pretty simple.

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Roger, I have used a few DMX things in my display. Maybe if we have another Tennessee Mini we can give some more info on it. If you have any questions just let me know and I will try my best to answer them. But as Brandon said you will need the IDMX to control DMX via LOR.


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Good morning


take a look on this link


here on the LOR forum

the ZMAN http://www.woodinvillewonderland.com/

has a very good pdf on the dmx system

also on that LOR link is my cat 5 cable layout and dmx cable layout

the dmx equipment shows LOR address and DMX address

after reading ZMAN's paper the addressing on my layout should be

a little more understandable

Hey Mark Z. ---- hope you do not mind me plugged your excellent tutorial

Frank A.:)

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Thanks Frank, I had looked at this but just in passing, I now have printed it off and taken a nice long look at have found it very interesting and picked up a lot information. Will get back with more questions after I read and study a little more. Thanks again roger

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