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DIY Kit Sale Prices question


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wondering if anyone has seen the CTB16PC Kit on sale. I have seen many posts talking about spring and summer sales, and wanted to know what the average price was for thise units during sale time ( or IF they even discount the kits)

trying to decide if I should buy now or wait if its worth the $$.


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There has been discounts on the CTB16PC kits. The amount of the discounts vary.

I purchase the CTB16KD and they are about a 10% discount on the summer sale.

Just stay tuned for more information.


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the february sale depends on what he has left. im guessing that the 09 feb sale was big because very few people bought stuff of any kind in late 08.. but in 09 lots of people opted into LOR and set up displays.. so there may not be as much unsold inventory as previous years......

just have to wait and see...


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