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I use electric matches I got from skylighter.com, fire those through a solid state relay, and use a car battery to power the electric match. Does that help?

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A cheap solution for this is something I have been doing to light smoke bombs remodely for an RC parachute I fly. Get the finest steel wool you can buy. Take just a wisp of it and wrap it around the fuse of your pyro. Connect two alligator clips to the ends of the steel wool covered fuse. These alligator clips connect to a low-voltage source (I use a 4.8v RC battery pack) that is remotely switched on. Once the steel wool is energized, it will ignite, along with the fuse.

I have been using this method for years, and can count the number of misfires on one hand. Typically, the misfires occurred because I had too much steel wool aound the fuse. Experiment with it and you will get it right.

Be careful!

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I am just going to wire it all up so I light one fuse and cut fuse to length so it will be close but not perfect. It will get close but not like the pro's use to get it right on the beat.

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