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I have had 2 -16 channel controllers now for 3 years. I bought a new computer this year Windows XP. I have connected the controllers and they are communicating with the computer. I can manipulate the lights from each controller in the hardware mode. But when I tried to run my old sequence in the software it will not work. So I downloaded the updated software but I am still having the same problem. It looks like I need to pay for the new software but I don't have my old e-mail account. Is there anyway to make my controllers work on the old software. If not how to I buy the new one.

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Well, first, what problem occurs that makes it not work?

Second, assuming that you previously purchased your copy of LOR 1 (including if you got a copy of it as part of a package deal), you don't have to buy a copy of LOR 2. A free LOR 2 license has been created for you. Normally, you would retrieve it by entering your email address into the following web page:


But since you don't have that old email address anymore, you should instead contact LOR customer support. Their contact info is at the bottom of the page:


They will get you up and running with your license. There's no need to purchase the software again.

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