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help with fast flashing led on board


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Can you describe in greater detail, your issue. Such as are you using USB or serial? Did you try another cat 5 cables? What controller? Is it built or bought? etc. Be detailed, it will help.

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I have 12 working boards. This on where when you plug it in before connect there is normally a steady slow flash of the led. On this board there is a real fast flash of the led. I have checked all sodier joints and swaped out the ic's


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I had the same situation, but quickly realized it was the pins on the "header" combined with my laziness.

When I soldered it all up, I frequently would solder ony 1 or 2 pins of a part - like the Triac's - I would drop on top of the board, and solder 1 pin from the top. After I had all the parts in, I would flipp the board, and solder everything else from the bottom.

Anyway, I KNEW I had not soldered all the pins on the header because I didnt think I would be using it for anything. Well thats where that silly jumper goes that resets everything.

I had the jumper on, but never soldered the pipns on the header that the jumper was shorting.... I went back a soldered it, and my fast blinking light went away.

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I agree Giz, Sounds like the board is in reset mode.

Jxnms, you need to make sure that you have the jumper on the proper pins of the 18 pin header OR have he address dials set to OTHER than 00. IF this is a kit then verify and reverify that you have all the components in the proper places and correct orientation.


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I had a similar problem last night. I was buiding a kit that was not a deluxe board. So this didn't have a few components on it. It says clearly in the instructions that a jumper goes on pin two, or rather the second pin down.

Step one is to flip the board over and make sure all the connections are soldered correctly.

Step two is to determine of you have a PC kit (they have a bunch of spades soldered on them instead of the screw connectors (phoenix?). IF yes, then it is something else.

Step three, is it a deluxe kit? If yes then it is something else...

Step four, does the instructs say it needs a jumper?

On one board I put the communication cable in the other socket and it worked....Not a good example of my soldering skills eh?

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