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Half the board isn't working

Ron Vinyard

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Hi Everyone, I am a newbie and this is our first year of Computerization. Everything has been going fine unitl we are ready to fire up the show.
We have three of the CTB16KPCV1 boards, that I built from the kit. then we tested them and found everything to be working fine... (whew!)
but after we put the show on the roof of our work building, and started the show, we found that the first 8 channels of our board weren't working.
I shut the whole thing down, since access to the boards was difficult. the next day (today) with new fuses in hand I was confident we must have blown a fuse since it was isolated to on bank of one card. when we tested the fuse it was working fine? all the signal leds were blinking twice a second like they should.
we started the show tonight and everything worked!! after a half hour or so, the mini trees on that bank went black.
there is 200 mini lights on each of those circuits, brand new and rated at less than 5 amps for the combined channel.

Not sure what to check first, and while have to call LOR tomorrow.
Anyone have any ideas?
thanks in advance for anyone that can shed some light.
let me know if I need to provide more info...


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How are you powering that one bank? Are you using a seperate power cord & is it plugged into its own outlet/circuit? Or are you using a jumper between the left bank and the right bank with one power cord?

Ok, lets go with the possible two power cords feeding the two banks. And lets say that it is it's own outlet on it's own circuit breaker. Is there any possibility that this circuit might be on a timer from some other application? I noticed that this is in a commerical site. Seen stuff like this where someone says hey here is some power and a timer is still in the circuit in some equipment room. And what ever application is long ago removed. At the same time, make sure all of your connections from the circuit breaker to the connectons on the box are good and tight. Hey you might want to double check for cold solder joints on the board too.

If you are using a single power input with jumpers on the board to get power to both sides. Then I have to fall back on the loose connections of the power to that side of the board. Along with bad solder joints.

In either case, there are two ICs that were I believe soldered directly to the board. These chips send out a signal to their half of the board's opto chips. If there is a bad solder job to the power for that chip, that chip will not send signals to it's opto chips.

This sounds like maybe a joint is warming up some and the junction is faiing. I would pull the board in question. Take it inside and using a good strong light and a magnifier give it a good looking at, solder side up. Pay good attention to the bad side up around the processor and the driver chip supplying the signals out to the opto chips.

Good hunting.

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Thanks so much! I will try that I was hoping it wasn't my solder joints but that might explain why it works for a while then quits, even after power cycling in hopes to reset it, it didn't restart because it would have still been warm.

As far as power goes, I do have dual power supplies on all 3 boards, each to their own circuits and no timers or anything running at that time.

I'll let you know what I find.

Thanks again to this board! IT rocks!
Merry Christmas!

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