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one channel will not fade down - does everything else...


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This channel is assigned to the red circuit on a front tree. There is an identical tree opposite it, and in general, most of the programming for these two elements are the same.

I noticed in one song that the left tree would not fade out like the other did. Instead, when they both reached what I perceive to be 0% in LOR, they go out - one decrementing from 100% to 0% and the other acting as if there was an OFF programmed instead of a ramp down.

After editing the show video, I can now see that this happens in every song. The channel does not seem to ramp down. The channel does ramp up, twinkle, shimmer, etc - just not ramp down.

Any troubleshooting suggestions?

I have the latest LOR software release, and this is a Planet Christmas board that arrived within the last month. The firmware version that shipped with the board is higher than what is available for download on the website.

I ordered two PC boards. One board controls the trouble tree and the other board controls the one that works. In theory, both are identical pieces of equipment and both have the latest firmware shipping from the factory.

Any help is appreciated. To see the problem, you can view the videos I have posted on the website: http://nightwindchristmas.com/index.php/videos


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Well... it does not appear to be the controller afterall. After getting a little sleep, I discovered - it is a showtime controller and not a pc kit. I had a lightbulb moment and elected to swap out the element with one I know ramps properly. So, by swapping two channels and using the console, I can see that the problem follows the lights and not the channel.......

Hey - on the bright side - I had one extra red LED strand that I didnt use.... so I have a replacement (as long as it is only one...)

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