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1602MP3 and 1602 not working


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I have two problems:

1. I have a 1602MP3 and the controller will power up, but the mp3 director will not power up on it. I have double checked the cable that plugs it into the board and it is fine. I used this board and had no problem with the director during Halloween for 2 nights but now it is not working.

2. There is just a normal 1602 controller that I have. It is making a connection and is found in the Hardware Utility, but a sequence nor the H.U. will make anything turn on. The LED stays lit but nothing will turn on, but the other controllers are having no issues at all its just this single one. At first the lights turned on for about 5 seconds, then I hit On again then it was about 3 and I hit on again and then it was just a flicker and now nothing.

Any thoughts on some troubleshooting would be great!!! This is for a Tree Lighting Ceremony on Tuesday and the extra controllers that I ordered I believe about 3 weeks ago have yet to arrive and are scheduled to arrive the day after the event so things are beginning to get stressful on that end, but on a good note everything at my house is running great since lights on on Thursday night.

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