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(4) New CTB16 PC startup


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It's a new year for setup and debug for more controllers.
I have 4 new CTB16 PC's They were built from kits. These will be # 13-16 controllers that I've assembled.
The latest 4 is what I'm having trouble connecting with. I don't remember having problems last year but I could have forgotten:P

When i connect power and the 485 cable, which works on an existing older unit,
The LED blinks but in a faster pattern than a working non-connected unit. It also never connects to the hardware utility. do i have to load firmware on new units now?
Any thoughts?

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Sounds to me that the firmware may not be loaded for some reason. I had one controller that was like that when I got it assembled. Try loading with the 4.32 that is in 2.6.0 software. You will then need to set an ID in the unit.

There is definately a different flash pattern for no firmware.


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Sorry to waste everyone's time...
It was a non-rookie mistake...
I put the jumper on the top pin reset....reset......reset.....reset.....
That's what happens when you build too many and start assuming stuff:p

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