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Cannot find com port


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For some reason using the hardware utility., it's not seeing the controller.

I know the cable and all are good, the LED light is solid, so.. must be a software issue I figure.

The original computer sees the controller, but my new computer does not seem to.

I believe I have duplicated all the settings from the original to the new computer. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Did you load the software drivers from LOR for the USB -> RS-485 that came with the adapter?

Then after that and you are still having problems. Then I defer to the post by dstevens.

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There is a really good article from LOR that walks you through cleaning up the drivers for the USB 485 controller and getting the correct ones installed. I walked through this on a new machine and was quite pleased with the results. There is a small application you download called FTClean that will completely remove any drivers associated with 485 and then you download and install the new drivers (link in PDF), install them and then plug in your adapter.



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