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OK, I am 63 and not that talented. I can't even do a shimmer fade without help! My second year. BUT I got my ribbon the 18th. I have just finished and hour's worth of music on 80 channels that WAS done but now blended with the CCR into it. It was not that difficult to make it work and is awesome! I love it! I certainly don't understand all the macros but cut and paste works wonders!

Here is what I did it with SE.

Start (assuming it is all set up) with setting ch 151 to 1

Now look for something that makes sense and not the same like the 1st 3 channels or just one channel (one color)

Cut-Paste them into ch1-3 of the CCR

You can quit there BUT now look for the "accent" pieces and cut and paste from the fine examples posted in here to make it SPECTULAR! Archs, leaps, dazzles, etc. where you think they are needed.


20' sch 40 pvc pipe and some plastic ties and it is running.

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colonel wrote:

Try anonymous ftp to:


It compliments 80 channels and one other "focal" point. I tried to not overdo it or it would detract from the whole effect. I am pleased with it for the amount of effort it took.


Thank You!

I had decided to program my CCR with your method but was running out of time. So I have borrowed your work, I tried running Boogie woogie Santa and I was very impressed. Using your CCR programming and changing a bit here and there, I am confident I'll get my songs done for Light Up this coming weekend.

Thank you for sharing.

I agree the CCR is not impossible to work with but it is very daunting and has a tough learning curve. Plus the way we have chosen to program it is not easy to visualize and I have been sequencing my songs with it hooked up so I can see it in action.

Thanks again.
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Thanks so much for sharing your hard work with us. It's much appreciated my friend.

Now that's the spirit of christmas.:)


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thank you as well, just got my ccr's.

i can't find the mp3's for your versions of

god bless america

rudolph the rednose

the house om christmas street

santa claus is comming to town

thank you again!!!!


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