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So how do you make it work?????


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I amagine that you have read the quickstart and the manual. But basicly you would add channels to your sequence to represent the CCR and I suggest that you only define the channels you need (like the first 3 and the macro channels) run it as a single pixel.

You can do a lot with the macros and running it as a single pixel and it takes only a few channels. As you see when testing it, once set, a single fade on one channel can fill the ribbon from one end to the other. So put in fade up/fade down on that channel to the beat of the music.

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The macros are a pain in the rear.... Don't get sucked in that it is easy.... Here is a link to how to program it just like you would any other device....


Here is a video... All I did was paste what I had already sequenced last year into the CCR setup... You will see effects you cannot get with the macros... Since this video I have tweeked the sequences so the points of the star are centered... The best thing about doing a Star is it is like having 5 mini leaping arches...


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melwelch wrote:

The macros are a pain in the rear....

That is a matter of conjecture. Once you understand how to use them you can do a lot in very little time but I will agree that it is different than the normal way of sequencing and does require a different mind set to use.
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