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second pic

house peak is 25 ft. light were straight up 12 inches from house

tree on left lights were 30 to 45 degrees up 4 ft from tree

Frank A.;)

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Good looking setup

These floods are comparable to what is shown in your video

Will work on sending a video clip - no guess on timing - crunch time

and I am way, way, way behind schedule

Frank A.:)

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Wow - I like your house.

You are right here in the US most roof lines are the same. I have never seen a roof like yours that you can walk on, with railing too.

By the way here is another place to get LED Flood lights


Good Luck!!

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I've just built up my first LOR controller and am busy starting to program my own show to music. The RGB with LEDs is really interesting to me because I've designed and built some RGBW lamps that I'll add to my system once I program them to work with DMX512. (I have an LOR to DMX converter)

Here's a link to a couple of fixtures that have these lights. The first video shows the fixture with 742 RGBW lamps while the second has twice the number with 742 on each side.

Each lamp has 36 LEDs organized as a 5" disk with 9 Red, 9 Green, 9 Blue and 9 White. Each fixture draws 4.25W with all LEDs on at full intensity. The second fixture has a total of 53,424 LEDs not including some specialty lamps.

They are industrial and really expensive so I can't see them ever showing up as cheap made in the far east versions but who knows. Meanwhile I have access to about 50 of them so I will try and fit that into a 250 lamp DMX universe at worst case 212.5W

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