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Question on existing Macros


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I have been putting together a "Cheat Sheet" of what each macro/effect channel acutally does, and the possible ranges within which it functions..

One thing I found was that when channel 155 was set to "twinkle 4, 5, 6 or 8" the effect was not what I expected.

The manual says "twinkle red and green , twinkle red & blue, twinkle green and blue, and twinkle red, green and blue" respectively.

What I expected to see was a twinkle with individual "pixels"(set of three led's) of the listed different colors. i.e. for twinkle #5 there should be a mix of both red and blue colors individually on the ribbon.

What actually shows up is a twinkle in purple. (Yes, I know it is a mix of red and blue) But then the manual shold state Twinkle PURPLE, not twinkle RED & BLUE.

Don't get me wrong I am not complaining, actually I was more wondering if it would be possible to add the multiple color twinkles, WITHOUT going as far as the two million color twinkle, just the basic mix as actually listed in the manual..

FYI, same applies to the dazzle.

Oh Yeah, I am running version V1-04 of the CCR firmware.


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