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How to control a Antari s-100 snow machince


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I am trying to hook up a Antari S-100 snow machine to a i-DMX-1000. The DMX setting on the snow machine is 1. I got it to communicate with the i-DMX-1000. When I use the console in hardware Utilities under E0 I have to move channel 1 & 2 on in order for the snow machine to come on. So in sequence software, I enabled the DMX feature and program for channel 1 & 2 to come on under E0 during a song. But it does not turn on the snow machine. Any suggestions.:cool:

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Good morning

Couple of questions

Are you running LOR S2

What revision S2

Is S2 registered

What revision firmware is the IDMX

Frank A.

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Something does not sound right. The snow machine only operates under one channel. The output should increase as the channel value increases. Do you have a stand alone DMX controller to test the S100?

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I did update my firmware on my idmx when I first received it

There was a newer version available with the S2 software

Elation states that this unit uses 2 channels of dmx

I can not find a manual online

What does the manual say the two channels control in the unit

Also in the sequence editor you have to allow dmx control

EDIT---Preferences --- Dmx Preferences --- Allow dmx editing

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Thanks for the link to the manual

Now I am more confused

Manual says only one channel dmx


off of the web I get this info

Antari S100-II High Output Snow Machine

Like the original S-100 snow machine, the S-100 II is a powerful, high-pressure, large-output machine that produces abundant amounts of "snow". Owing to the built-in blower, the effect can be spread over considerable distances. The hanging bracket allows the snow machine to be placed over a crowd or above a set to simulate falling snow. This light, portable machine is perfect for club effects, movie sets and stage settings so let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

The durable motor is cradled on rubber cushions within the case allowing for high output and low vibration. The SC-1 remote control gives 100% control over both area coverage and volume of snow produced. The S-100 II has DMX on board and can be controlled using 2 channels via any standard DMX controller.

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I checked the firmware it is at 1.03 version. So can I just set the dip switch to channel 1? EO channel 1? Or do I need to do some thing else? Thanks for your help.

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G'day Miles,

I've got an S-100 II and it only uses 1 channel of DMX.

A couple of things to check:

I assume you have tried using the LOR Hardware Utility and confirmed that LOR is seeing the iDMX.

Have you got any other DMX features so that you can confirm that LOR is talking correctly to the iDMX? You may need to flick the Polarity switch.

If your Antari is setup as DMX Channel 1 and the iDMX is set to start at E0, then that should be correct. If you use the LOR Test Console, built into the Hardware Utility and select the appropriate Unit ID, I then normally push the sliders up to 100% or DMX level 255 to get the snow blowing.

Hope that helps...

davidt, Australia

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Good morning

The version I have is 1.30

I would update to the latest

Since your original post states you can control snow

machine with the hardware utility --- that tells us that the

communication to the idmx and cabling are good

I also see that you turned on 'dmx allowed' in the sequence editor

This, to me, appears to be sequence editor related

verify that there is a check mark before the 'allow dmx editing'

edit--preferences--dmx preferences--(check mark)allow dmx editing

Try the update the idmx

Frank A.;)

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ok, Will try. I did update the firmware last night even though it was the same firmware. I will double check with the DMX editing. Thanks for the Help.

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Thanks for the help, the control light in tools on sequence editor was off. I do need two channels to run the snow machine, but thats ok, only thing running on the I-DMX is the snow Machine. Looks like it is going to be a White Christmas in Hawaii this year. Thanks for the helpful info. Aloha

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You got the hard part figured out

Now the future expansion gets easier with each step

There is always help on this site

no matter what your problem

Frank A.:D

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