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Help! Installed 8Pin and 28pin right to board


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Installed 8Pin and 28pin right to board

I'm a Idot and the solder sucker will not take enough solder out to remove the chip.

So I can not install the 8 and 28 pin Socket to install the chips. All chips are making a good connection will it be ok??

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Having the two chips on the board is ok, just going to be more work later to replace one of the chips IF it ever fails. I have been doing that kind of work for years so there are tricks to the trade so to speak. Most of the time I can do it with a solder suckers. But the thickness of these boards might make it more dificult. There there are times that some of the solder wick is helpful. I have also used this trick when I have all of the solder, except that which is between the pin and the hole. This I have been able to use a very small flat blade screw driver to push the pin back and forth within the hole to break that last little bit of solder that has the pin gluded in the hole. Then getting the screw driver between the board and chip and gently pry up from one end then the other end.

I have seen some here will destroy the chip by clipping off the leads then removing the leads one at a time.

Again if it is working, do not mess with it. Wait until the day it needs to be repaired then destroy the chip. I would solder it back well and then test. To much messing with it can destroy both the chip from to much heat and could putz up the circuit board by lifting the traces.

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