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Unable to fade to shimmer or fade to twinkle


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I am testing my LOR boards that I just assembled. One of the boards cannot fade to shimmer


fade to twinkle.

Whereas my other boards I assembled can do the above.

The suspect board can fade to steady under the Hardware Test, but cannot do the above.

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Check the firmware version in your board that will not do the fade/shimmer or fade/twinkle. I believe it has to be above 4.2x something or another. I would guess that your one board has an older firmware.

You can check your firmware by scanning the network for controllers and it will tell you in the box. It will say found X units, then to the right of that it will give the address and the firmware version. Scroll to the address that is the suspect board and see what version.


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You need 4.3x The controllers I received this spring were still shipping with 4.20. Fading twinkle and shimmer were added to the firmware in the 4.30 release.

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My first board I built last year has version 4.02, and I just updated it to the 4.30

I contacted Dan at LOR and he told me how to update the firmware.

Thank you all!

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