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I'll build your boards, troubleshoot and repair.

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Hi guys -

A retired military electronics tech here, certified solderer and LOR enthusiast. I just want to offer my services to you if you have units that you want to build to save money or have problems with a board (bad triac or other problems). I'll build your kits for you with guaranteed work at a price you can afford. So this saves you the cost of buying LOR's prebuilt units (more channels for less!). If you have a unit that you are having problems with then I'll fix it for you. Drop me a note with what you want....


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Hi John,

Sounds good. But can you do it for under 22 bucks including shipping both ways? That's about what the difference in price is on the CBT16PC between the kits and having the cards built by LOR...

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Thanks for the clarification. I don't mean to seem prickly, but where's the incentive for someone to hire your services, given that overall it costs more than having LOR do it?

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