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Using a 10" section of 3/4" PVC, that breaks down to 17" per section. How many lights do you use per section 50or 100? And if using 100 do you break them to 2-50 sets or just 1-100?

Thanks Mike

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I use 100's for each arch segment. Others may use 50.

Do it the way you like as there are not any hard and fast rules. After all, it's YOUR display, not mine.

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I used a 10' section 3/4"PVC and left 6 Inches on each side for snow. Some use 3 in the south to keep it out of the grass. I mark each section with a marker so each section is even. Run the cable down the pipe so there is no cables hanging from the arch. I used 100 string of lights, counted down half way and started that on the end so you have two sets of 50 winding around the arch so if one half of the lights goes out you will have some lights in that section that lights up. I also made a back up arch so if one does go out I am not sitting out there trying to figure it out in the cold. I replace the arch and bring it inside where it is warm to fix. Did the same on the mini trees made a backup. Its up to you on what you do.

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