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Input Triggers AND Sound...


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Just read ALL the posts in regards to Triggers...


and found it both very interesting and WAAAAAY over my head. But I did not read any where about the possible issue of having TWO sound sources (unless I missed it). If I was going to have buttons that people could interact with, I would also want accompanying sound(s) with the lights...and since they are out of their cars to push the buttons, the sound would also have to be outside (as opposed to transmitted to their car radios). This way they could "compose" their own songs (if each button had a different note/chord)...and this would NOT be operational during the show...wouldn't want some "wanna be" Christmas Light DJ messing with all my hard work of sequencing!! LOL

Could this be done? Or am I thinking in "Disneyesque" proportions...like where they have the music follow the lights in their parade? Imagine having individual sounds coming FROM each of your MEGA Trees? A train whistle ACTUALLY coming out of your train??


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As doublea said in his video, he uses two computers to get two sound sources. That's pretty much the only way you can do it.

He also had both computers running LOR connected to the same LOR network. As he mentioned, this is not supported, but happens to work. Your mileage may vary...

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Yes actually later today I will be testing the Whole system some more (Hopefully.)

I talk about the dual controller deal in that video @ 2:05

That video only is demonstrating the relay relay. From the sounds of your post, you will need a relay system also.

I have used two controllers at once from two computers on the network, it works just fine for me. The sequencer and the hardware manager do not work at all (not surprising), but when you actually run the show it all works fine. When your sequencing and stuff, make sure only one controller is plugged in.

The next issue you have is mixing the sounds from two inputs, But in your case it sounds like you would not need this, so you could leave the sound from your trigger pc on an outside speaker, and not mix into your FM transmission.

If you do want to mix them you can use the line out on your trigger pc go to the line out on your main PC. In my case my trigger PC is just a virtual xp computer on my windows 7 machine, both running on one computer.

I don't take credit for thinking of this system, its a mix of a few others members Ideas.

PS: Make sure you buy a controller with the booster in it, http://store.lightorama.com/uscoadwivobo.html. The other one would not simply react fast enough for someone to "make" music. You need to press each button for about half a second for the other controller to react properly. I am going to also test this some more later today, but it defiantly seemd this was true last time I was working with it.
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