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CTB16PC Fuse


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Not that I am this year, But was just curios if you can use a 20amp fuse in the CTB16PC card like you can the showtime series. Got the High power heat sinks and wiring will handle it but will the card?



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I run a single power cord on my CTB16PC and use a 20 amp fuse. Each controller
has it's own 20 amp circuit. Works just fine.

With 2 power cord inputs, you normally can handle 30 amps, 15x2 . The issue is if you put in 2 20 amp fuses and have 2 power cords going to 2 seperate 20 amp circuits. In the event you actually get the controller to sustain a 40 amp draw for a long period of time, you could over heat the controller in the plastic case, resulting in burnt out triacs.

Putting the controller in a metal case with enough airflow would allow you to
run the controller at 40 amps. (which is a LOT of power !)


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