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LOR in DMX universe


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This year my plan is to run the four CTB16PC controllers I own in a DMX universe with an Enttec DMX USB Pro dongle so that I can use the Olsen595 protocol as well (by using Vixen as the sequencer).

My question, for anybody who has purchased the RJ45 to XLR adapter available in the LOR store, what sort of connector is at the RJ45 end.. is it male or female?

And my second query is whether a DMX terminator is necessary if the only DMX devices in the universe are LOR controllers. Something like this: IMG_7599.213x185.JPG

Thank you for the help.

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The LOR devices won't be the only ones in the universe, as you will also have the adapter that is driving the universe. That said, you will probably be OK, without the terminator, but adding one won't hurt either.

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