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HowardShank wrote:


Please move the videos to a page of their own or make them stopped by default.

Having both videos start up is slow and bothersome when accessing the CCR page. http://store.lightorama.com/cocori.html


That doesn't happen when I open the page. I talked to the guy who did the page and he said that the videos were not set to autostart. He double checked and said that one of three auto starts was set to 1 and it was now "fixed"

I can't tell if it is fixed because it never auto started for me. You may need to click refresh to pick up the updated page.

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Thanks Dan.

It appears to have worked although it still blanks my 2nd monitor for about 10 seconds while the player loads in the window.

At least the videos do not both start playing now.

Ordered my 3 units, can't wait for delivery now!

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Both were auto starting for me. Not any longer.

Never found the cut-kits. Are they for sale somewhere? Planing to get these. I can wait but was hoping to use tryforfree.

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It was auto starting for me too...however it has stopped.

Seeing as I stalk the LOR website about 300 times a day, it was rather bothersome....LOL

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Denny wrote:

I have never been able to get them to start either.

Can you see the customer videos on the LOR website?
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