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MP3 Mini Director


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kellyhaglund wrote:

I was just wondering what is the largest SD card that can be placed in the MP3 Mini-Director? As you know they are making 8, 16 and 32 Gig card now, so will the mini-director handle a 16 HC or 32 gig card?

And the mini-director will take the place of my pc, is that right?



Not sure of the size of the largest card, but the mini director will replace your PC. I ran 288 channels with a 256 mb SD card, 12 songs and had a "ton" of room left over.
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The Mini Director Manual under the "Specifications (page 31) " shows maximum 2 GB. Also states some SD Cards might not work.

Page 2 under Important Considerations: states:

SD Card must be formatted FAT16 (or just FAT).

Individual MP3 audio files are limited to 10 minutes.

A 128 MB SD card can hold approximately one hour of MP3 audio and controller commands.

MP3 files must be Constant Bit Rate (CBR) at 128K bits/second is best.

I bought mine last year, this information is out of that manual.

Hope this helps

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