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CTB16PC Enclosures - earthing stud.


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I sent an email to LOR but no response so far. I'm wanting to buy my grounding rings soon so here is my question:

I'm preparing all my cords for when I order the PC boards. I'm going to get them with the Enclosures. I have prepared all the quick connects on the wires and I'm just wondering what size wrings I need for the earthing studs. I picked some up today that are suited for stud size 3.2mm it seems a bit small though.

Thanks for the help!


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L.E. your termanology is a wee bit strange to me. So, let me see if I am understanding your correctly.

You are asking what size ring terminals you will need to fit on a grounding stud that is pre-mounted in the enclosure?

I did the translation for any of the boys or girls that might have this model. I do not so I would only be guessing. And my guess would be in american standard sizes not in metric. Sorry I can not be of any help in that manner. But my guess is that the stud would be a 8-32, but could be 10-32.


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