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CMB16D DC board(has anyone used them on gemmy animations?)

Scot Meyers

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Hi all

I am currently working on completeing the animated phase of my animated Santa Scene. I have 2 gemmy santa's , a gemmy snowman and 2 gemmy animated singing dancing bands. I am begiining the task of removing the boards that currently run them and wire them up to my CMB16D DC board. Has anyone experienced any problems with this type of hack. Anything that i Should look out for when converting.

Also has anyone ever tried to run the dc contacts on a grage door opener using the CMB16D DC board?


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Scot I have been following your threads over on PC. While I haven't tried it myself there is one thing that I could see as a problem. In the event that a certain motor isn't using the follow power of whatever is being supplied, you could get some erratic behavior. However, if they use the whole amperage, then you shouldn't see any issues.

Are they using servos or motors? That also could cause you some problems. If they are servos then the DIO board could work too.

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