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Chauvet LED Wash 200B Enclosure


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First off, I managed to get a How-To done. Yes believe it. Wirekat is looking at the dents in his textured ceiling at this moment with this announcement. tongue.gif. Kevin, get up off the floor.

This was a topic that was talked about last year when I was planning to use these puppies. There have been a few threads recently that picked this topic back up.

Sooooo, I figured this gives me something else to focus on besides ignoring the fact that it is FREEZING outside, well, actually, it's way below that, and I have no desire to work on my display tear down in the below freezing cold, AND that fact that I STILL have no published video of my display yet. This project allows me to procrastinate even more on the video subject eek.gif

Enjoy, let me know your thoughts.

Attached files Zman 200B Enclosure.pdf

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I am bumping this. I am working with the distributor I found last year for all my fixtures. I am attempting to get a group buy price for the 200B's. I will post info when that becomes available.

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