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ctb16D-V5 onboard LED issue


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Tonight, I put my 16D-v5 (blue board) into standalone service tonight. Before I loaded up the sequence, I installed the latest LOR version 2.1.6 and loaded the board with the new firmware that was included with the software. After I did that, the onboard LED on the controller started to pulse whenever there was activity going on. I noticed the LED flickering when the controller was downloading the standalone sequence, and now with the sequence running, the LED is flickering.

I do not think this matters, but the 16D is controling a 8 channel, and the speed switch is set at a slightly slower play-back speed. But since this happens when it is connected by itself to the computer, I do not believe the setup is causing the LED to pulse.

What is pulse? The LED is not flashing on and off, but getting dim and brighter, in a seemingly random pattern.

Is this something that the new firmware introduced to show the boards activity? Or do I have some resistor failing?

The board seems to work fine other then this glitch.


--Daniel L

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Depending on how difficult it is to get to the controller. You may want to try to ONLY have the problem controller connected to the computer for the firmware load. This would eliminate poor communication from effecting the firmware load.


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Yes, since the controllers are running standalone, Ill have to bring it in to the computer by itself.

Just curious, what made you believe this is a firmware, issue? (or needing a reset) Has this happened before? I'm not second guessing you or anything, but the board seems to perform perfectly except the LED.

Anyway, thanks for the advise, and Il check it out in the AM.

--Daniel L

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I just reread your original post.

First of all let me say that there was someone else that posted a problem with their controller after firmware update. BUT their controller was not working. This is the point I missed in the original post.

This is from CTB16D Manual page 22.

[align=left]LED blinking approximately twice/second:
Controller has booted correctly and is waiting for
commands. The controller is not connected to a
Light O Rama network or the network is not active.[/align]
[align=left]LED is on solid: Controller is connected to an active
network (is receiving the heartbeat and commands
from a PC, a Show Director or another controller)[/align]
[align=left]LED blinks on for a long pulse and off for a short
pulse: Controller firmware needs to be downloaded.
See the Updating Controller Firmware section.[/align]
[align=left]LED flutters: Controller is running a standalone
sequence or downloading firmware.[/align]
[align=left]So based on this, I correct myself and you don't need to do anything.[/align]

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