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Enclosure for DC-MP3?

Rafter Bar R

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I ordered mine about a couple of years ago and it is still in the box. I have not been able to find a suitable enclosure for it. I recently found that an enclosure is available with the Showtime version of the DC-MP3. Will this enclosure be available in the DIY section? I would like one if that is possible.

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I keep mine separated from the controllers. In fact, I have it in its own NEMA box so that I can keep it inside. That way, if I need to remove the card for any reason, I can do so without having to go outside.

Using a Cat5 cable, it works just dandy.

By keeping it inside, I also do not have to run a long audio cable back to the radio transmitter.

Just sharing my idea with you.

Hope this does not sound like rambling.

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In past years I have had mine either just inside or just outside a window in the same location as my transmitter. Both were in the same water resistant box. They just were not mounted nicely. I like the nice tidy looking case that wraps around the DC-MP3 now. On the other hand, the folks using the PC's now have an RDS solution. I like that too and wonder if it is possible we will get it for the DC-MP3 at some point or if I will need to retire the DC-MP3 to get RDS.

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