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Shows Ends Premature


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I'm having trouble keeping the show running. I stops randomly; sometimes after just a few sequences (single song sequence) and sometimes after two hours. To restart the show, I have to "disable" show and then "enable" show.

I bought my kit in 2007 and this is the second year of operation. Last year I had no problems. This years show is larger though. I'm running Windows XP. The controller LED is "solid" red, whether the show is running or not.

I have read all the other Posts and Forums and have tried about everything suggested: I have "disabled" internet. I have "disabled" screensaver. I have "disabled" hybernation. Last week, I unloaded and tried to download the lastest version (got a message: you do not have a full version installed).

I have not tried a full "uninstall" yet. Furthermore, I have not changed out the CAT 5 cable. Are these my only options?

Please help.

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Thanks Guys,

I downloaded 1.6.5 tonight. However, its a wet rainey day and now I have the GFCI tripping issues. I will try and run the Show when everything dries up. And yes, I have been researching the GFCI issues for the last two hours. You guys have been very helpful. Maybe after a few more years of running a light show, I will be as smart as you.

Merry Christmas :D

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