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Forthcoming licensing changes and MP3 director question


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So far for me this is a theoretical question, but if at some point I decide to upgrade and get a MP3 director, in the summer sale for example, how will that work with the licensing changes? I know that due to my status now as a LOR owner I'll get the Advanced S2 package to run on my computers. Would the same apply if I bought the MP3 director even after the "deadline"? I know I read a feature comparison somewhere, and some of the Advanced benefits were strictly in terms of sequencing, but believe there were some that would affect the MP3 director, like number of controllers, etc. I may never go over the limits, but who knows!

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Mountainwxman wrote:


The MP3 director is hardware. So you should hav eno worries there.

If you own a copy of LOR now, still don't worry. :)

I knew it was hardware, but basically it replaces the need for the software running on the computer for the show right? I figured we'd be taken care of, but thought I'd ask. Just wasn't sure how it would work if someone buys a lower version of the software with actual show limitations (like number of controllers), and has an MP3 director card.
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