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multiplexing channels in 1 LOR1602W-16 box


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I will try and explain what I would like to do:

I want to make a Marty Fan with 3 different LED colors using 12 channels for Red, 12 channels for Green, and 12 channels for Blue.

The problem is I only have 1 LOR1602W-16 box left, but I have channels 13, 14, 15 to be able to switch the grounds/circuits/channels maybe?

By using LEDS the wattage is not a problem.

The 16th channel will be used to light the outside surrounding the Marty Fan with a rope light.

I know I will have to make a 36 outlet box for all of this but I have all of the parts, just not sure if it can be done without problems with the LOR box circuitry?

I will have 3 circuits of 1 through 12 controlled by channel #13, then use the #14 channel to control another 1-12 circuits, and the same for channel #15 to control another 1-12 channels.

I was planning on using solid state relays on channels #13, #14, & #15 to do the switching, but worry about feed back to the LOR controller if I only switch 1 leg of the LOR box main 16 channels, and not both legs?

I do not want to use 39 relays either.

I have tested the software with the solid state relays and the multiplexing seems to be working software speaking, I have just not actually done the real switching of live circuits for fear of damaging my last new LOR box.


You can get up to 48 channels out of a 16 channel box with this arrangement if you want or can do it.

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