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Bad channel - powers up when it wants to do so

Dale W

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I have a bad channel on a 16PC that was factory assembled. I was making the final connections to the display yesterday and testing the circuits. When I turned the channel on, there was no power to it.

During my sequences, I did observe that it was turning on/off at random.

As it is the only channel on the controller that is doing this, I believe that it is likely due to a part that has gone bad (it worked fine last year).

Rather than have to send the panel back to Dan for repair, I was wondering if you guys had any ideas as to what it could be.

I do not solder my own parts because my vision is too fuzzy for detailed work like that, but if it were a matter of changing out a triac, resister or other, I could try to wrangle through it.

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Have you tried a reset on the board?


Page 21 of this manual shows the operation jumper. Power down the controller, remove jumper. Power up the controller for about 10 seconds. Power down and reinstall jumper per the photo. Power up and see if it will work. You may have to reset the unit ID.


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dale, i had the same problem in the start of this season. 1602w. after opening the face i noticed i had some corrotion on some of the screw postI tested it with a meter and after playing around with it, it started working.

Dan was a big help in explaining about trics. if you have a bad tric, power would be constant to that one port.

I'ld check your connections on that board. since it is a pc

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