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Here is my problem last night the show woked fine tonight nothing went to hardware utility 0 units found i have 7 lor 1 boards it tells me to check power connection did that every thing ok change cat5 cables no difference number 1 box the light is blinking so i pulled the power cord on board number 1 when i pluged it back in the lights on the house which are pluged in to box number came on so i pulled the cord again same thing lights came on for second went and got an extenston cord ran it to the other end of the house pluged in and then i pluged in box number 1 same thing again any ideas also can i take box number 3 which has 16 mini tree on it unplug the mini trees and use it for box number 1 would i have to change all the ID'S COULD I USE A LONG CAT 5 CABLE AND RECONFIGURE EACH BOX WITH ALL THE 16 CHANNELS PLUGED IN OR CAN I DO THIS RUN THE CAT5 FROM BOX ONE TO BOX 2 FROM BOX 2 TO BOX 4 TO BOX 5 AND FROM BOX5 TO BOX 6 FROM BOX 6 TO BOX 7 WOULD THIS WORK Dan if you read this would you please respond thank you Blair Melanson

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It is normal for the lights to flash on a second when the right side of the board is powered on. That is simply the electronic getting to a stable state.

As for as not communicating. Check to see if your computer is set to sleep. If your computer sleeps it can disable the USB and that will cause LOR to loose communications. Well I am assuming you have a USB adapter. You don't state.

To get back communications shut down the show and control panel. Then try to relaunch.

Might help to get assistance from people in your area if you place your location in your profile.


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