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More than 170 Pixels on a Port

steve synek

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I am just starting my upgrade from s4 to s6 .  I know my falcon controller can handle more than 170 pixels per port/ universe for some props I am creating with seed pixels.  I am struggling with how to put these in the new preview.   Does anyone have a direction to help me figure out the channel assignments as soon as I get to 170 it changes the last channels to the next universe when I choose DMX as the controller type. 


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8 minutes ago, steve synek said:

I know my falcon controller can handle more than 170 pixels per port/ universe

@steve synek - Nothing can handle more than 170 RGB Pixels per Universe. Port, yes, Universe No.
The software is doing what it's supposed to do, based on the DMX standard. 170 Pixels times 3 = 510 channels in the Universe. (The DMX standard only allowed 512 channels in a universe.) So the 171st pixel is then placed on the next available universe. Configure a prop to use the pixels it is going to use. If it uses 200 pixels, then you'd configure it so that it spans over 2 DMS universes. You'd then configure your Falcon so that the Universes for the Prop are on the right port.


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Some controllers allow splitting a RGB channel group between universes and some will not.  LOR S6 software can handle either of those situations.  If you are dealing with a controller that can not handle a RGB channel group split between two universes, then you need to set the max channel setting in the Preview Editor to 170 as Don mentioned above.  In that case, the 171st pixel will all get moved to the beginning of the next universe.  However if your controller can handle a RGB channel group that is spit between two universes, you can set the max channel in the Preview Editor to 512 channels and in that case, the red and green of the 171st pixel will be in the first universe and the blue will be the first channel of the second universe.  The image below shows part of the Prop Definition page for my P5 matrix.  The matrix is 64 rows of 192 pixels for a total of 72 universes with all 512 channels in use for each universe.  If you look at the first row (and do a little math), you will see that the 192 pixels (576 channels) uses 512 channels from Universe 201 and 64 channels from Universe 202.  If your browser does not imbed the image, there is a direct link to it below.  As I recall, the falcon controllers can handle an RGB channel group that is split between two universes.




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Thanks !!  I have always kept my channel count low on each port of my controllers previously.  These new seed pixels will be a learning curve along with the upgrade in software. 

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