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  1. I am using S4 and am adding channels to my existing 6000 channel sequence. About 1500 new channels this year. Part of these additions are singing faces and I would like to label each face part. Each part is a single dumb dmx channel(not rgb). Manually each name change takes about 50 seconds of wait time. Frustrating to say the least. I am using window 10 i7 2.8gh 32gb ram on computer. My question is - is this ok to do? I opened my ICC file in note pad and can carefully change the channel name and resave. This seemed to work much quicker doing a very quick test. Anything wrong with doing this? Thanks in advance for what I hope will be a confirmation this is ok to do. Steve
  2. Out of curiosity, how do you get the heat sink re-installed if now the holes don't line up with the remaining Triacs?
  3. I found 6803 chip ribbons work as a replacement for the original CCR ribbons. I never found one that matched the RGB color order...……...so I had to do this. I don't know what this does to the macro channels.
  4. I ran two dumb controllers and a power supply in a Tupperware type container here in Ohio for a few years with no problems. My load on the controllers was very light. They controlled ribbons for my candy canes. 18 pixels per cane.
  5. Care to describe the effect? From your question here it doesn't seem like it's so easy to do with the macro channels.
  6. I put 3 zip ties somewhat evenly spaced on the folded in half ribbon and was able to push the ribbon inside the candy cane pretty easily. On some when the ribbon stuck at the bend, I just lightly tapped the candy cane and the ribbon moved pretty easily. I figured at some point I would be pulling them out and by zip tying , I would have a better chance of getting the ribbon out without it expanding position or locking against itself in the tube. My candy canes were horizontal when pushing in the ribbons.
  7. I put ribbons in my candy canes and was happy with the outcome. They slid inside very easily. Folded them in half so that it took 18 ribbon sections with 30 LEDs per meter strips. Nice even lighting. I just wish I could find more of the white candy canes with the red stripping. I can only find the green and red candy canes at my Walmarts.
  8. In the HU, only connect one device at a time. It looks like you have a 16 channel controller as unit 01. A pixie4 as unit 02 and a pixie4 as unit 03. A pixie 4 uses 4 consecutive unit IDs. Connect one pixie4 controller to the HU and give it an ID number. If you assign it unit 02, it will automatically be assigned units 02, 03, 04 & 05. You will not see the unit IDs 03, 04 or 05 by doing a refresh in HU, but they have been assigned to your controller. You can not assign unit 03 to the second unit as that is being used by the first Pixie4. At a minimum, the second pixie4 must be assigned unit 06, which will automatically assign units 06, 07, 08, 09 as the unit id's. I can't help any wht the PE part of things, but this should give you a good start in understanding the overlap as I see it.
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