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Trying to use Easy Show Builder - Schedule bug?


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I am trying out Easy Show Builder this year which seems to work great for making the show. However, the lights are not sticking to the schedule.

Our current schedule is 6PM to 9PM Mon-Thurs, and 6PM to 10PM Fri-Sun.

They power up right on time at 6PM and shut down at 9PM right on time, however right on que for two nights now they power up again in the middle of the night. I checked the secuirty camera and it was 2AM when they decided to power up again. They where on all night until the morning.

This is the first time I am trying out Easy Show Builder. Tonight I'll try and make the show the old way using the hardware utilites, but I wondered if there was a known issue with the scheduler in Easy Show Builder?

We are using the DC-MP3. I bought this two years ago. I dunno if I need to make sure I have the right firmware or not, but I don't recall flashing the firmware to the DC-MP3. I have upgraded the firmware in both my green and blue board controllers but I am not having any issues with the controller, I think the DC MP3 is doing something a bit weird by starting up the lights at 2AM.

Any thoughts?

Also just some feedback, it would be nice, once a show is created using a DC-MP3 we could save the show as a file we can recall later to double check we didn't get our AM and PMs mixed up, but yesterday I am positive we selected the correct schedule then re wrote the card.


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Ok just an update and note to myself I guess:

Actually the time was MIDNIGHT when the lights would restart in the above post.

Both nights the schedule acted the same.

I when ahead and re-created the show using the Hardware Utility instead of the Easy Show Builder interface, and that fixed my problems.

Last night the schedule worked correctly, and did not come back on at MIDNIGHT like when the show was created with Easy Show Builder. However I noticed that the "E" LED was lite steady on, and the "R" LED was blinking.

"R" LED blinking is GOOD. That means it's waiting on the show schedule.
a steady "E" LED with SD card inserted is not an option described in the manual:


That state is only suppose to occur when the SD card is removed and the DC-MP3 is connected to the hardware utlity. So I am not sure what that means or why the "E" LED was steady on along with a blinking "R" LED after the show ended. I hit the reset button and the DC-MP3 rebooted, and when back to only a "R" blinking state and the "E" LED went out. I'll have to see what happens tonight.

The good thing is using the Hardware Utility to build the show corrected the show schedule problem. Using Easy Show Builder, the show started and stopped correctly but then came back on at Midnight both times.

I'll keep an eye on the "E" LED and see what happens.

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