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A number of years ago (It was S4 or earlier) I was using the Macro Mode channel of a Cosmic Color Ribbon CR150D and if I remember correctly, the sequence editor (or maybe the visualizer) would show me the expected behavior of the device as the Macro Effect channel was changed.

Is there a way to make S6 do this?

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The macro mode was something I used a lot when oCCRs came out.   It didnt really take off.  The S4 Viz did display it.   But it was a big detriment to my moving to S5/6  which dont display effects commands which live inside the controller like MM do .   The work was extensive to remove the many channels.   My sequences used the resolution channel all over the place because a single channel command would turn 50pixels on at once.   Back then my setup was struggling with network speed.   Before enhanced and higher speeds were released. 

I dont think the MM display was brought forward as it didnt become popular.     Way back when  I had a program which displayed each Macro mode visually  which I called   Macro Maestro.  Its been retired ~3 years.  I recompiled it and put it here if it will be of help to you to see what each mode does.   http://itsmebob.com/Christmas/2023/MacroMaestro.exe 


Between MacroMode and play time display I would definitely prefer being able to see the real time playing view of the show. 

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Thanks Bob, that's what I expected. It seems the latest software has abandoned one small, but very complicated piece of old hardware for a very good reason. I'm okay with that, because if were still supported in S5/S6, that would merely delay me from doing what is inevitable.

My next step is to do what @Tim Fischer keeps telling me, and that is to switch to E1.31 and use a DMX bridge to drive all my V1 controllers in DMX mode. I already have an E1.31 network to drive my pixel tree and GE Color effects bulbs (both using SanDevices interfaces), and I already have a PixieLink in my cupboard, which I believe is a perfectly capable E1.31 to DMX bridge. My cable is all at least cat5, so it should be able to handle DMX. I was resisting this for a number of reasons:

  1. A good part of the display is across the street, linked with several ELLs.
    A: That part will continue to be an LOR network. The CCR is on this side of the street.
  2. I use an input trigger on one of the CTB16s.
    A: That's only for Halloween. It's not that difficult to switch networks from Halloween to Christmas. The CCR is not used for Halloween.
  3. I like the shimmer effect that the CTB16 does in firmware. My earlier tests showed a sluggish shimmer effect when using DMX.
    A: That test was back in 2012 with an ENTTEC DMX and LOR S2 (or maybe S3). And with an older computer. E1.31 shimmer may be sufficient now.

Another reason to switch to DMX is if the CCR needs replacement, I will be able to replace it with a product that is still being sold.

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