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  1. I have not. I don't like messing with things too much while the show is up. I'd do it someone could convince me that this is likely to fix the problem and not just a "did you try turning it off and on again" thing lol.
  2. No ideas anyone? I turned off "Show Player Memory Restarts" thinking that might be related. But then now I lose the protection of memory restarts <shrug>
  3. I don't run my main show from a mac, but I have sequenced on my mac plenty using VMWare fusion (similar to Parallels), and we have run a small halloween display from the Mac as well. Works just fine.
  4. Hi all: I'm still running LOR S4. Upgraded my show computer from XP to Win10 over the summer. Twice now this season (out of 5 nights running), my schedule has disabled itself. Fortunately I was around the first time and noticed it not start up the next night, and tonight I was on the show computer tweaking the schedule and noticed it again. I've attached a screen shot of the message I get. Basically as the show shut down last night I get "Show Player Shutting Down for Restart", then "Show Player Shutting Down". After that I get the status "Scheduled Play is Off" Can someone tell me what this message means and how to prevent it? Thanks!
  5. Thinking of Dan & Co during this time. Hoping that damage and financial setback to the business is minimal. Keep us posted, please.
  6. It's pretty simple to reproduce: Steps: 1) New sequence, add at least one RGB channel 2) Tools-> Channel Configuration 3) Attempt to delete the RGB channel by deleting its components* 4) Say Yes to the "Are you sure" dialog 5) See the error mentioned in the original post. * The Channel Config is not smart about groups are RGB channels. There is no way to delete an RGB channel from the Channel Config dialog, at least in S3 which I'm still using. This seems to be a major omission. But in the meantime you can only delete RGB channels by right clicking on them in the main SE window. And that can be really tiresome.
  7. It's super easy to obtain a piece of coro (Home Depot sells it), trace out whatever you like, and punch out a design with an awl or something. I've never really understood why people pay so much for pre-punched coro props when you can create your own, 100% unique ones so easy and so much cheaper.
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