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Is there a correct order to connect LOR 50W RGB floods??


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i'm currently running Light-O-Rama S5 Sequencer (64-bit), Version 5.6.8 Pro Edition with controllers:

  • 3 AC controllers 
  • 2 dumb RGB controllers
  • 1 pixie 4 controller

I daisy chain the controllers from nearest to my house to the furthest controller out...which has worked for 4 years.

don't know if it matters, but the chain is RGB1-RGB2-Pixie-AC1-AC2-AC3

This year i've added two LOR 50W RGB floods (03D, 047).  The floods work fine when plugged into my laptop and daisy chained one to the other.  When i daisy chain them into my normal setup (identified above), either:

  • one works but not the other, and/or
  • none of the of the controllers chained behind the floods work (red flashing controller status light)

I've replaced network cables, but no joy.

Question 1 - is there a better placement in the chain for the floods??

Question 2 - Assuming the no difference in the two flood network connectors (i.e. either can work for input/output)

I appreciate any feedback

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Connect everything without the Pixie 4 in the mix. If things work then consider placing a jumper of the JP4 pin of the Pixie 4.


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The RED flashing is not good. That says the chain is broken . Swap input cable to the other port on the last working item. Since those are supposed to be the same, there should be no change with the floods operation.

Hmm  If your Pixie is second Gen. has 4 fuses on the same edge, remove JP2 (accessory power).

<slap> I vaguely remember one of my AC controller flipped aux power Chaining that in might clash (+ to Gnd ) with the other controllers   If you make your own or have extra CAT5 cut the green pair (3-6)

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