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We have a pixcon16mkll v1.0 and it was sequencing just went dark. Restarted it and would not light. The ump3g4 unit is blinking but the pixcon factory reset button was flashing. Tree will divert to factory but won't talk to sequence. Any insight would help. 

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3 minutes ago, pixcon16mkll said:

The ump3g4 unit is blinking

This means it doesn't have an active program to run. Either it has no SD card, or the data on it is corrupt.

If the mini-director is blinking, then by default the Pixcon (and any other controller) will blink.

5 minutes ago, pixcon16mkll said:

Tree will divert to factory but won't talk to sequence

I must be old. What does this mean?

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Chances are 1 of 4 things, SD Card Sequencing files have gotten corrupted, SD Card is missing,  or it's not fully seated in the Director, or the SD Card has gone bad and become completely unusable (had that happen this year).  Or the cat5 cable from the Director to controller has gone bad.

Don covered the first 2, but any of these will cause the Director to blink, which in turn will cause any, and all controllers connected to the Director to blink.

And worse case is, the Director itself could have gone bad. Or the cat5 jack(s) in the controller have an issue, they might have come loose from the circuit board and no longer making a secure connection.


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