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Remapped Universes - Now Nothing


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Please help!  

7 Pixcon16 board - DMX 1.31  S6 

I've been struggling with 3 windows inconsistently working. In desperation, I remapped every prop to a matching universe (board 7, output 12 = 712).   After updating the preview, resaving each sequence, changing each Pixcon16 setting to match the universe, i've lost everything.  The only thing working is my floods which is on a LOR network.  I've tried everything I can think of.  I've got cars stopping to watch the show and I've got nothing.  If anyone would call me and troubleshoot, I would really appreciate it.  


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Additional info:

When I test from the PixCon configuration, it successfullly works.

On the S6 Lighting Network screen, I had a number of DMX cards shown.  They were all set to a strange IP address and multicast. When I redid all of my universes, I delete all of them and added one per Pixcon16 card with the matching IP.  As shown in my screenshot, I've recreated the one  I tried that and even changed that to multicast, still nothing.

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A few questions come to mind.

How many total pixels do you have in your preview? It must be a lot if you have a total of seven PixCon boards?

If you have a considerable number of pixels, it may be taking a while to create the playback files in your show. Did you run the show verifier when editing the show and also try preparing your show (double arrow button next to each show listed on the create shows psge)


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I finally resolved my issue by reinstalling the S6 software which cleared whatever was retaining my old universe assignments.  

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