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weird behavior

Dale W

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i am networking my controllers.

1st, I connect each to the computer to assign unit ID numbers and update firmware. All works well.

Then, I connect it to the network and refresh through the hardware utility. After connecting the new unit, I refresh and it finds the unit.

But, after connecting another controller, it disappears. I still have flashing/solid lights, but the hardware utility will not see it.

I am not freaking out, but this is the kind of twilight zone weird stuff that ruins my day.

Any ideas as I am too tired to think.

I have moved cables to make sure that they are not the problem.

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Are all red lights solid?

How many controllers do you have, and how many are showing up in the HWU?

Have you tried playing a sequence or running a show to see if the controllers work?

Another thing you can try is typing the unit ID of the missing unit(s) where the units dropdown is (it's not clear you can type there, but you can). Then try controlling the unit with the HWU...

If you have a flashing light, all the above is moot though and we'll have to get to the bottom of the comm issue...


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I had some issues with two controller with the same address.
Have you set them all up individually with the hardware utility?
Do this with one cable and only one unit connected at a time. Then after they all work individually connect one at a time and refresh the hardware utility connected list. You should see a new one show up every time you add one. This should narrow down the problem...either cable or controller( if every one works individually.)

If they don't work individually focus in on the problem then before attaching them to the network with the others.

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They have different addresses.

But tonight, as I was testing, something really weird happened.

This is the same controller number I have replaced 3 times (and new cables feeding it too).

I was testing individual colors on the mega tree via the hardware utility.

I turn on channels 1, 6, 11 and 16 and channels 3, 8 ??(do not remember) and 16 come on.

I will open the box tomorrow to make sure the power dangles are assigned properly (I feel sure they are).

What do you guys think?

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