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Unknown usb device device descriptor request failed


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Hey all - Trying to help my brother who lives in TX (I'm in CA) and we cannot get his CTB16PCG3 to connect to his computer.  We keep getting the error message stated in the subject line.  Here are the details:

LOR Hardware: 5.6.6 Standard

Windows 10 Home - OS Build 19045.3693

We've tried multiple USB cables, Multiple network cables.  

Under USB Serial Bus controllers, it shows up as: (Unknown USB Device, Device Descriptor Failed)

We have updated firmware - not sure where to go from here - anyone have any ideas??  Thanks in advance!


Screen Shot 2023-11-27 at 10.58.53 AM.png

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Have you installed the LOR USB drivers.

Last item at bottom of this page



Look under ports, and unplug the LOR adaptor and see if one of the com ports goes away. Plug it back in and it should come back. Use that com port number in Hardware utility.

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Phil we have but will try again following those instructions.  I have a setup with 4 CTB16, 3 Flood controllers and 7 pixie conrollers and no issues - this one is odd.  

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