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CTB16PCG3 Controller not working


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I have the 3 controller package & for years no problems.  Now my controller 2, the 16 strand tree is not working.

Light on circuit board is solid green.  Lights flash when electricity is plugged in but no lights on the tree come on.


Hardware utility only sees 2 of the 3 controllers.


Any ideas ?

Thanks for any help.


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Is that a controller that has switches to set the Unit ID or is it software set only via the Hardware Utility?  As I recall that controller is software only.  However, if it has switches (either DIP or rotary ), check the switch positions and exercise the switches a bunch in case there are dirty contacts.  Also, change the max ID in the HU search to F0 (the maximum) and let it search in case the ID accidentally got changed to some really high number.


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Thank Jim, Customer service called me back & it looks like during a windows update controller 2 ID was lost.


Reassigned it & working now.


Thanks again!

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