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LOR 1602 DC MP3 Player Issue


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Hi All,

I am stumped and could use some assistance. My LOR 1602 DC MP3 Director runs my shows via a SIM Card. It's been working just fine as I've been testing and ran a test show a few nights ago and everything went perfect. I removed the sim card when I was done.

Yesterday when I went to put the SIM card back into the Director I noticed the GREEN LIGHT was on, BUT there were no blinking YELLOW light like normal when nothing is inserted into it. When I put the SIM Card in nothing happened (as is the MP3 Director didn't do its color search, the Green Light just stayed solid) and the YELLOW LIGHT (which should be blinking) doesn't even come on.

So I took the Sim card out and slotted it in again and still nothing. I then thought maybe I'd use my backup sim card (thinking maybe sim card issue), but when I inserted that still nothing (just a solid green light, no searching when sim card is inserted, and yellow light never even blinks).

I unplugged the cables from the LOR 1602 DC MP3 Director (so it wasn't getting power) then plugged the CAT 5 back into it, and the Green Light immediately pops on solid with no searching. 

As a test I ran the show via my computer (without sim card in mp3 director). I first did the hardware search (and it found all of my boxes), then I ran the cat 5 from my PC, to the MP3 Director, then from MP3 Director to my first 16 channel box and it worked perfectly!  So I think it's an issue with the MP3 Director (as I can run the show through the LOR 1602 MP3 Director with my PC (with no sim card inserted).

Any advice as to why the LOR 1602 DC MP3 Director YELLOW LIGHT isn't blinking, or when sim card inserted won't recognize it?  I can't really run the shows from my PC and rely on the LOR 1602 MP3 Director to run the shows.

Like I said has been working perfectly until yesterday and now all of a sudden the MP3 Player has no lights that are blinking only the green power button stays on.

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  • The title was changed to LOR 1602 DC MP3 Player Issue

First, I use a different director so I am just throwing an idea out there. I assume you mean the SD card, not SIM. What can change very easily is the write protect tab. I am not sure if that director has an issue but mine did if that write protect slider gets moved.

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The YELLOW light doesn't event blink nor does the RED light on the DC-MP3 before putting the card in (but the Green Light is solid). So it's getting power.  I've tried several cards (and looked at my sims cards and they are all unlocked).  When I put the SD Card in the DC MP3 doesn't enter the chase light sequence thing it does whenever you put a card in.

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