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Connecting LOR1602Wg3 and CTB16PC


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I'm trying to add a CTB16PC to my existing setup to go to 48 channels.


I have the hardware utility installed but I can't get it to register as a channel. If I hook it in by itself it works but not in a daisy chain with the other units. I changed the channel on the CTB16PC to unit 3 but still haven't had any luck.


When all connected the LOR1602Wg3 does not have the "no conn" scrolling so I'm not sure what to try next.


Any suggestions for getting all 3 to work together? 

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24 minutes ago, thatsrightkyle said:

I changed the channel on the CTB16PC to unit 3

First of all, it's not a channel, it's a Unit ID.  There are 16 channels on a CTB16PC.

As for troubleshooting your problem, most likely either a bad cable or a bad RJ-45 jack on one of the controllers.  If you have a cable tester, check your cables.  Or use a different cable.  On the controllers, CAREFULLY visually inspect the connectors.  What you are looking for is either damaged pins or one or more of the pins crossed over one another.  If that is the case, it's quite obvious if you look, and often can be repaired with a small hook or probe.


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Which is last the 1602 or the 16PC?  The scrolling message on the 1602 is just saying that things are good UP TO THERE.

What is the Green LED in the 16PC doing?  (it is RED before Gen 3)

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