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Odd Behavior on Pixels


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I am having a weird issue with 2 roofline segments. I am thinking it has something to do with the sequence, but I can't seem to figure out where.

A little background.

All equipment and sequences were purchased from LOR over the past couple months. Everything was left at the default settings for networks. All props and controllers work with all of the sequences fine. The only issue left is with the roofline.

I have 4 roofline segments.

Roofline 1 has 88 nodes. Due to the location of the controller, the "input" begins at the right instead of the left.

Roofline 2 has 100 nodes. This also begins at the right instead of the left.

Roofline 3 has 120 nodes. Works fine with no issues. Begins on the left.

Roofline 4 has 64 nodes. Works fine with no issues. Begins on the left.

These are running from a Pixie4 controller. When using the "test" button on the controller, all lights work. When using the "test" feature from the HWU, all lights work.

In the controller configuration, I set the configuration for port 1 and port 2 for "reverse". Since they begin on the right. I also updated the pixel count per port to 120, as that is the max for port 3.

In the sequence, the networks are properly configured and I set the number of lights for each prop to what they are. So roofline 1 has 88 nodes and roofline 2 has 100. I don't know if this actually matters, or if it is just used for the calculation of lights.

All 4 rooflines are set to begin at the left.

When the sequence plays, roofline 1 is missing the last 20 or so of nodes on the right side. So.. Since I have the input going right to left (then set for reverse in the controller for that port), that would be the first 20 going from input to output. When the sequence plays, the lights do go the proper direction from left to right. Which would be nodes 88-1. So nodes 20-1 are the ones that don't light.

Roofline 2 is the similar issue. The last 10-20 nodes on the right side don't work. When the sequence plays, it goes the proper direction from left to right. As I have it set to reverse in the controller.

Since the other rooflines have custom node counts and work, I am thinking it may be something to do with setting port 1 and 2 for reverse in the controller. Which I haven't tested yet by disabling.

I was hoping to avoid taking down the lights and reinstalling them to go left to right if possible. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Everything else works fine. Just those 2 roofline segments missing a few lights.

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Been there. It is fun getting it right

Reversing sends enough data for 120 lights (the setting), but in reverse order .  But there are not 120 nodes. You need to pad (fake) the missing nodes before you think is 'node1 '

(In normal direction, the extra data just fall off the end.)

It really is 120 - 88 = (pad is now 1-32), your first sequenced node is 33

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or you could just reverse the Prop Definition in the "Preview" and leave the controller and Hardware Utility out of the equation ...

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