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LOR1600Wg3 Panel Stuck on "L-"


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 LOR1600Wg3. 1 year old and bought directly from LOR.

I am hoping this is an issue that be fixed without sending it in.
The Screen is Stuck on "L-"
If I push the "Select" button the "L-" turns bold but I am unable to change the channel like on all my other controllers.
If I unplug the Cat5 cable from the RS485 connector the display changes to "No connection" as expected.
Behavior is the same regardless of which RJ45 connector I plug the Cat5 into.

The unit is not detected by the Hardware Utility.


I have several of these and all the others work as normal.


I did perform the controller reset (Troubleshooting: Resetting Your Controller | Light-O-Rama (lightorama.com)) and no change. Same issue.

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For those searching for this issue in the future:

Setting the LOR HW Utility to scan to the max found the device. It was in some way off address.

Flashing the firmware brought the device back to working order.

Thanks to the Light-O-Rama helpdesk!


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